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AlloyGators: The Benefits of Alloy Wheel Protectors

Here at Tyre Warehouse, we understand the dilemma of choosing between the appeal of alloy wheels and the dread of costly repairs and replacements caused by kerbing and potholes. In this article, we introduce you to AlloyGators, a popular product for those who are looking to protect their coveted alloy wheels for significantly less money than it costs to repair one.

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Alloy wheels are more popular but riskier

It’s common knowledge that alloy wheels are generally preferred over pure metals, due to their increased performance. They are able to dissipate heat from brakes better than steel wheels, resulting in better braking performance, as well as weighing less which enhances fuel efficiency. Their aesthetics are so sought-after that alloy wheels, which used to be an option only for high-end sports cars, can now be found even on low-budget cars.

So far, so good. But the downside of having alloy wheels, which causes distress for many drivers, is that they are so expensive to repair and replace when they inevitably get scratched on kerbs or damaged by potholes.


So how can you protect alloy wheels from wear and tear?

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Luckily, there is a solution. ‘AlloyGators’ – largely considered to be the best alloy wheel protectors – were launched in 2010 and are a game-changer in the industry, the brainchild of a father-and-son team who wanted to develop a solution to a problem they understood all too well. These handy wheel rim protectors were designed to fit in between your vehicle’s wheel and tyre, so that it protrudes slightly further out than both, which means it takes the brunt of any contact with the kerb.

The product is a ring of sturdy nylon that adapts to fit virtually any wheel rim, from 12 to 24”, and even alongside run-flat tyres. Using patented technology, it’s wrapped around and locked to the wheel. The nylon is flexible and won’t damage your alloy wheels whilst being fitted, but is tough enough to provide the ultimate protection.


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Are AlloyGators worth the money?

Dedicated to providing a quality product, the manufacturers have ensured that these highly-engineered alloy rim protectors are produced in the UK have been MIRA- and TUV-tested in order to guarantee the highest standard of quality and performance. Fitted correctly, AlloyGators will not affect the inflation of your tyre and can even be reused as long as they have not sustained considerable damage and all glue residue is removed prior to refitting.

Although they can be fitted without the help of a professional, the safety and performance of your AlloyGators are dependent on them being handled by somebody who knows how to do it correctly. Our friendly team at Tyre Warehouse are on hand not only to supply but also to fit these wheel rim protectors, saving you from having to shell out for expensive wheels – with AlloyGators you can protect all four wheels for less money than it would cost to replace one. They’re available in several different colours, so you can add an eye-catching pop of personality to your car, or opt for something more discreet.

At Tyre Warehouse, we supply top-quality tyres and for cars, vans and 4x4s, as well as being experts in related services such as wheel alignment. We’re the leading independent tyre retailer in Brackley, serving the surrounding areas of Bicester and Buckinghamshire too. To find out about the suitability of your tyres for AlloyGators, or to arrange a fitting, contact us today.

We are proud to be official trade partners and suppliers of AlloyGator.

alloygator wheel protectors

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