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Wheel Alignment

Poor wheel alignment is one of the main reasons for premature tyre wear. But it’s not only the front wheels to worry about- rear wheels can be out of alignment too.

As well as better fuel economy and smoother handling, correct wheel alignment will reduce the wear and tear on your vehicle and extend the life of your tyres. With all four wheels correctly aligned, your car will be safer on the road and easier on your pocket.

Signs of incorrect alignment
Wheel alignment should always be checked by an expert.
Symptoms of incorrect alignment can be hard to detect
but can include your car pulling to one side when you’re
driving, or irregular wear appearing across the width of
your tyres. The irregular wear is caused by the tyres not
running correctly relative to the road surface.

What causes incorrect alignment?
Wheel alignment can be affected by hitting the kurb or a
large pothole in the road or travelling regularly on gravel
roads. If alignment in out, it can cause excessive wear to
your tyres and problems with steering or suspension.

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