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Why Do I Need Winter Tyres? FAQs by UK Drivers

Investing in Snow Tyres for Winter can make a huge difference

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As the nights draw in and the weather becomes wet and cold, you may be concerned about the level of safety your standard tyres provide. The likelihood of wet, icy, or even snowy roads increases as winter arrives, and the average tyre isn’t necessarily designed to handle these conditions. You may have considered investing in winter tyres to enhance your tyres’ grip and give you reassurance when driving in winter.

  • What are winter tyres?

Winter tyres are specialist tyres which perform better in winter conditions than the average tyre. They are made using rubber compounds which are designed to keep their flexibility, even in temperatures below 7°C. They usually have a deeper tread than summer tyres, in order to provide extra grip and dislodge sludge.

  • Why should I buy winter tyres?

Winter tyres – also known as cold weather tyres – are a great investment to give you peace of mind when driving in the unpredictable British weather. Especially useful when you live in a remote area, or somewhere that is badly affected by the elements in winter, you can count on cold weather tyres whether it’s wet, dry, snowy or icy.

  • Is it a legal requirement to have winter tyres?

Not in the UK. In some parts of Europe, drivers must have separate sets of summer and winter tyres, but the weather here is rarely bad enough to warrant the use of specialist tyres. It’s down to personal preference and depends on the risk of bad weather, how often you have to drive, and your confidence whilst driving.

  • Can I use winter tyres during the summer?

No, winter tyres aren’t suited to summer weather. Although they provide grip, this is only in terms of cold and icy weather – on warm and dry roads they become more malleable and are less responsive. An alternative to having two separate sets of tyres is purchasing all-season tyres, which are a compromise between summer and winter tyres that can be used year-round.

winter tyres


Things to keep in mind when buying winter tyres

If you are planning to have your vehicle fitted with winter tyres, you may want to check whether your insurance provider needs you to let them know beforehand. There shouldn’t be any repercussions, but sometimes insurers request to be informed.
In addition, remember that when switching to winter tyres you must change all four of them, not just two, so as not to disrupt the stability of your car.

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